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Your wife
Ever thought that she's a very important person in the world for you?
Where would you be without the patience of your beloved one? She's able to bring new life to earth. You've helped to create it.

Man and woman can fit perfectly togehter. If they want to and try to do so.

She is moody sometimes when the baby grows inside her? That's just normal. How would you feel, when "someone else" is using your organs, your food, your breath and sometimes your health? So, just be patient and care for your loved one. The baby will notice it, too. It hears music and voices, even if it's still inside the womb of your wonderful wife.

Ever noticed how beautiful your wife is now. In France it is said, that a pregnant women is even more beautiful.
And remember, you are in the position to see, feel and hear a miracle that is:
helping your wife bringing new life to earth - in your own family!

Isn't that great?

Roland Kaiser (c) 2013
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